Keep a personal record of all the beer you drink

Tired of forgetting what beer you've had? Or forgetting whether or not you even liked it? BrewTrackr is a new way to keep track of all the beer you try.

Write personal tasting notes, rate the beer, and leave public reviews to help you remember everything. It's perfect for craft brew lovers!

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"If you just want a quick and easy method for keeping track of your favorite and least favorite beers ... BrewTrackr a pretty straightforward way to do it."


Easily track the beer you've tried and keep personal notes and ratings to see what you like best next time you're out at the bar.


Follow other beer drinkers with similar tastes to see what they're drinking and discover new favorites. Connect with Facebook and Twitter to follow your friends.


Tried a beer you think someone would like? Send them a recommendation! Notify anyone you follow that follows you back that they should try a beer.

On the go

BrewTrackr is fully responsive so it looks great on all screen sizes! Now you can easily add to your tab, rate, and review right on your smartphone while out at the bar.